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They offer military specification sandbags – these are specification-approved sandbags for military use. They’re approved by all Departments and Agencies of GSA Supply, USDA Forest Service, Corp. of Engineers, etc. These sandbags are available in olive drab, plain burlap and desert tan, making them useful in many different fields of operation. Standard burlap sandbags or polypropylene are options.

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Some Cool Facts About Sandbags In Military Use

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Sandbags are also used for disposable ballast in gas balloons, and as counterweights for theatre sets.

Sandbags have been used since at least the late 18th century. They have traditionally been filled manually using shovels. Since the 1990s, machine filling has become more common, which allows the work to be done more quickly and efficiently.

During World War II, sandbags were also used as extemporized “soft armor” on American tanks, to help defeat German anti-tank rounds, but were ineffective.

Sandbags are also used in weight training, and with rear-wheel drive cars to increase traction in inclement weather.

In games and various kinds of adversarial settings, the term sandbagging refers to the practice of purposely placing oneself in a weaker position so as to give the deceptive impression that one is less skilled than one truly is.

Sandbags are often used to temporarily stabilize soil from erosion, such as oceanfront structures whose foundations have been undermined from heavy waves.

An often unknown use of sandbags includes panel restoration and re-creation. The sandbag being used behind the panel as it is beaten by a hollowing hammer to create initial angles and curves.

Sandbags are also used in earthbag construction to make inexpensive, environmentally sustainable homes.

How Military Sandbags Are Used In Warfare

Warfare over the years has evolved. We’ve always had some sort of fortifications though. Early versions were just mounds of dirt and /or clay, then there were more advanced types of fortifications.

Eventually ramparts became pillboxes and sandbag bunkers. Sandbags are a great resource for miltary fortifications. Sandbags are cheap and easy to transport; the sand or dirt is readily available, all it takes is a little manpower to fill them and construct the sandbag structures or walls.

Military sandbags can also be used as quick and cheap barracks for soldiers and accompanying staff. The thick bags of sand are also really good at dispersing energy. That is, projectiles such as bullets and bombs can be absorbed by the wall of military sandbags. A wall made of sandbags is much cheaper than a wall made of concrete or steel and much easier and quicker to construct.

There are literally tons of other applications of sanbag bunkers too, like a hunting lodge/fort, paintball arena, emergency flood response and way more.

If you want to build your own military sandbag bunker, check out this guide.

Sandbags can not only protect soliders from bullets and other projectiles, but they can also protect buildings from concussive shock waves from bombs – this is why you’ll see important buildings surrounded by sandbags during war.

As soldiers dig foxholes and trenches, they can use that soil to fill up sandbags and fortify those positions. There’s a ton more you can learn about how sandbags are used in the military.

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