If you’re looking to buy military sandbags or find our more information, you’re at the right place! Military sandbags are available for purchase at a site we really like and have used: Dayton Bag An Burlap.

They offer military specification sandbags – these are specification-approved sandbags for military use. They’re approved by all Departments and Agencies of GSA Supply, USDA Forest Service, Corp. of Engineers, etc. These sandbags are available in olive drab, plain burlap and desert tan, making them useful in many different fields of operation. Standard burlap sandbags or polypropylene are options.

Truckload delivery is available and this is a company that is 100% made in the USA. Also make sure to check out the super scooper – a very handy tool that lets you quickly and easily fill a sandbag. ┬áIt only requires one person to fill the bag – no more two-person operations when filling a military sandbag, freeing up more people.

Don’t delay, try them today! We have and we wouldn’t steer you wrong.