Military Specification Sandbags Available For Purchase At The Best Prices

If you’re looking to buy military sandbags or find our more information, you’re at the right place! Military sandbags are available for purchase at a site we really like and have used: Dayton Bag An Burlap. They offer military specification sandbags – these are specification-approved sandbags for military use. They’re approved by all Departments and [...]

Some Cool Facts About Sandbags In Military Use

This is awesome if you’re looking for facts about military sandbags: (via¬† Sandbags are also used for disposable ballast in gas balloons, and as counterweights for theatre sets. Sandbags have been used since at least the late 18th century. They have traditionally been filled manually using shovels. Since the 1990s, machine filling has become more [...]

How Military Sandbags Are Used In Warfare

Warfare over the years has evolved. We’ve always had some sort of fortifications though. Early versions were just mounds of dirt and /or clay, then there were more advanced types of fortifications. Eventually ramparts became pillboxes and sandbag bunkers. Sandbags are a great resource for miltary fortifications. Sandbags are cheap and easy to transport; the [...]